Your Locals, Our Future Help Our Team, Help You.


John Mangos has put together YOUR LOCAL PARTY.

A team of business professionals. They live in and amongst us in all facets of the community and across the region. They have grown up in the region, worked in small business and large corporations, they have actively participated in sporting teams and helped out local organizations when help is needed and will be able to help and drive The QPR to transition in to a full functioning regional economic powerhouse.

Your local party has the following skills at your disposal:

  • Economic and Marketing knowledge
  • Business Management
  • Procurement and Contracts Knowledge
  • Project, Planning and Infrastructure knowledge
  • Design and Consultancy knowledge
  • Training and Assessment
  • IT and programming knowledge
  • Small and large business management.
  • Manufacturing and extensive retail knowledge
  • Business Development – B2B and B2C
  • Real Estate and Development knowledge.
  • Energy Effeciency and Net Zero and emissions control knowledge
  • Building and contracting understanding and knowledge.
  • A varied and in depth sporting knowledge and passion.

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