Our Philosophy

NSW Local Elections

We think the Queanbeyan Palerang Region as an identity, is in its infancy and is yet to properly come together and realise its full potential.  John MANGOS and your local party are perfectly poised to take on this momentous task and help bring the region together, Reaching out to all Towns, Villages and localities.

There are many opportunities to regionalize the Queanbeyan Palerang Region, developing strong inter trading relationships with each others locality. Once that is established, then we can look at boosting trade with our surrounding LGAs and the ACT.

Many of those relationships are in place at the moment and getting the Queanbeyan Palerang Region to have a greater share of the wallet”, is the challenge that is ahead of us.


Queanbeyan has always pivoted towards the ACT for most things and while this has been a great asset being so close to Canberra, but at the same time it has stifled the growth and identity of Queanbeyan and Palerang Region.

There is an opportunity to do this now, the economic drivers are favoring many things in our region. John Mangos and Your Local Party, have local and regional know how and knowledge as well as the drive to be able to make change  and help this become a reality.

Our aim is to have Queanbeyan cater for all major regional needs in the QPR and have the regional areas complement Queanbeyan and draw visitors in to their own respective areas.

The QPR takes the least amount of tourist dollars of any of the LGA’s south of the ACT.

Your Local Party will work on reversing that statistic.

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