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Filip Pajkovski


My name is Filip Pajkovski and I am certain that I will make a positive and valuable addition to your team, culture and environment Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council.

Having been born and grown up in the Queanbeyan region, as well as my parents living in Queanbeyan from the time they immigrated to Australia, my family, especially my father, has been heavily involved in the Queanbeyan community, such as sports. In reference to this, I believe I would be a perfect candidate as I know the area and believe in supporting Queanbeyan and the surrounding regions to expand.

Early life

Having grown up in Queanbeyan not only demonstrates my knowledge of the region, nevertheless,  I attended primary school at the Queanbeyan South Public School, and in both my junior and senior years I played football for Monaro Panthers Football Club and the Queanbeyan City Football Club. Considering this, I have also represented the Queanbeyan District in my junior years through being selected to play football in the South Coast team trial tournament. I have been profoundly involved in the Australian Macedonian Orthodox Community. In conjunction, I have acquired extensive experience across the Building and Construction industry, amongst commercial and residential projects within the Property, Development and Legal Industry.

I am a dedicated, compassionate and multi-skilled professional with 10 years’ accumulated experience in a variety of specialisations such as Project Administration, Business Account Management, Architectural Design, Administrative & Logistics Operations, Customer Service and Stakeholder Engagement. Proficient in Project Methodologies, Construction Procurement and Quality Control, with exemplary communication capabilities and a strong aptitude for building trust-based relationships with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Career & Family life

Having worked as a head-contractor and sub-contractor I am able to understand and distinguish the specific requirements and expectations associated with both parties. I have specialized in a variety of areas such as Project Management, Business Account Management, Contracts Administration, Logistics & Operations, Customer Service, Stakeholder Engagement and Procurement/Contracts. With my experience, knowledge and keen sense of professionalism, proactive nature and genuine commitment to honest and efficient working practices, I am certain that I can contribute positively towards achieving the standards of performance required at our local council to make our region a better place for the future.

My career exposure to the contractual elements, specifically during my time at Lendlease sparked my interest and passion to ultimately become a legal practitioner within a Property and Commercial environment not limited to other branches within the legal industry such as corporate, criminal and family law. Furthermore, I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Laws LLB. Outside of my working career and aspirations I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle doing Kickboxing, working out staying fit, fishing, and camping therefore I encourage the preservation of our outdoor environments.

Why to vote

I am also passionate about contributing to our community and promoting change and improvements for our local people; an example was running for the Queanbeyan-Palerang Council election as an independent, this would be my second local election. My ideologies included a strong commitment for development within the area to attract youth to the region through participation of sporting activities and investment for upgraded sporting facilities. From a young age I have always aspired to be a leader having been a house captain, sporting captain and a SRC member at St. Edmunds College. I happily dedicate my own time to be able to make a difference within the community.

Having lived outside of the region prior to covid19 it has truly made motivated myself to be apart of the growth for our region helping others see the potential and reach new heights. I believe its time for me to give back to my hometown, as Queanbeyan has shaped the man that I am today.

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